Men Photographing Women in the 70s

Abramson’s Hidden Photos finally see light of day . .

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Several years after the passing of Chicago photographer Michael Abramson, a cache of photos were discovered of a project he sometimes discussed but no evidence had yet been seen. During the 1970s, stripper joints in various large cities including Chicago had a tradition known as Camera Night in which amateur photographers were invited to bring their cameras to document the strippers' preparations before the night's show officially began. The scene is further described here.

Abramson went to a few of these Camera Night events but instead of focusing on the women who were quite busy performing for the lens, he focused on the other photographers. That decision allows us today to dramatically see this uninhibited gaze of guys leaning forward with their cameras in sometimes comic positions to get that erotic perfect shot. The selected images go well beyond voyeurism.

London’s unique Hoxton Mini-Press got the exclusive privilege of publishing these uncovered photos together with an informative foreword by Dr Midge Wilson of Chicago - illuminating the time and culture on display. Men Photographing Women in the 70s is just now available for purchase. It’s a solid addition to the Abramson photo book collection - demonstrating in full splendor in a not so distant time - North Side and South Side Chicago’s diverse and compelling nightlife.

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US Northwest 'Light on the South Side'

We are pleased to announce that the prestigious Blue Sky Gallery in Portland Oregon will present Light on the South Side for the entire month of August together with photographers Julie Anand and Damon Sauer's Ground Truth: Corona Landmarks. 

With more than four decades presenting celebrated photography in a space which includes a research library, significant historical photo archives, and public talks and dialogues we are thrilled to be a part of the Blue Sky roster. Opening reception is Thursday August 2 with the show running until September 2 in the historic DeSoto building in the creative Pearl District of Portland.

Article featured in Washington Post.

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MMX Gallery - London

Tales from the South Side - 1970s Chicago Clubs

The Abramson Foundation is thrilled to announce the UK premiere of Michael Abramson in a solo show at MMX Gallery in South London: 21 March – 5 May 2018

Private View: Tuesday, 20 March, 6 – 9 PM

Exhibition opening hours: Wednesday – Friday, 12 - 6pm, Saturday 12-5pm & by appointment
(The gallery will be closed during the Easter holiday break: 26 March – 3 April)

UK Guardian Preview

“Abramson comes much closer to recording the sound of these clubs than we would have any right to expect from a photographer. This is as close as a lot of us could ever have got, and luckily, it’s pretty close.” 
Nick Hornby (London, 2009)


Daniel Cooney Fine Art * New York * Magic Mirror

June 22 - July 21, 2017

Daniel Cooney Fine Art in the heart of Manhattan presented Magic Mirror which included one of Abramson's Chicago South Side photographs in a special show on "reflections and mirrors as key elements in the aesthetic and conceptual composition of the image." From the historical to the present day the show presented photographic artists exploring perception and the conception of reflection in dynamic, humorous and provocative ways.

New website launched


On behalf of Midge, Kristin and Federico, we thank you for your interest in Michael Abramson's photography. We'll keep you updated with news on shows, publications or other notable works, plus the occasional unpublished image from our archive.